Lời bài hát Once Again – Cypress Hill

Once Again

“Ladies and gentlemen.. boys and girls.. I bring to YOU”

[Intro – samples + vocals]
“Once again!”
[B-Real] Once again its Cypress Hill
“Once again” .. “Once again!”
[B-Real] Once again its Cypress Hill
“The greatest show on Earth!”
“Once again!”
[B-Real] Once again its Cypress Hill
“Back again!”
“Once again!”
[B-Real] Once again its Cypress Hill
“I bring to YOU”

[Verse One: B-Real]
Welcome everyone, take ya places
Its great seein all these familiar faces
You want thug shit? We got a lot of it
You wanna get high? Im on top of it
You want bottles? Cmon, we poppin it
You want a revolution? Aint no stoppin it
Enemies try to fire back
Desire that, find you where the tire track
Cause we run ya down son, but in spite of that
Got a joint? Fools give me my lighter back
… Ima light up the bomb
Ima blaze til we set off the fire alarm
No need for evacuation
Find a honey thats ill for ejaculation
She got friends, well the more the merrier
No limits, no worries, no more barriers

[Chorus 2X: B-Real, mixed with samples]
Once again its Cypress Hill
We some ill-ass niggaz straight bumpin the field
Smoke it up, from now until
somebody calls out steel and we live for the thrill

[Verse Two: B-Real]
Plug the mic in, and Ill move the crowd
Neighbors get mad cause the musics loud
I send a few girls in the hall to talk
Crusty old man never called the cops
No pistols, if you get my drift yo
You pull one and miss better slit yo wrists bro
This aint a gangsta party
But if you turn it into one a bullet might pierce yo body
Relax, theres a lot of girls in here
You shitfaced niggaz, dont earl in here
Dont break shit or take nothin, mind your manners
Or your head goes BOOM like its fuckin skanless
But we aint for all that right now, just chill out
We can pop bottles or let the blood spill out
Cuanta, suck it up, shut your trap
Before you lose that fine-ass girl on your lap


[Verse Three: B-Real]
You wanna room? Let me clear one out
But while Im gone, just dont let the beers run out
In the morn we can watch all the tears come out
When the pigs come, a nigga wanna hear one out
For now, we can pass the time
Blazin it up, if you slow you the last in line
Got a roach, so what? You aint spent a dime
You ungrateful-ass critter, back the hell of mine
You can, lose the life or lose the knife
Use the pipe, but I cant lose tonight
All the girls bein picky who they chose tonight
You better hope you chillin with the right crew tonight
See that girl over there? Yeah she like your style
Probably seen her on the video “Girls Gone Wild”
Hesitation is constipation
of your game when youre in for a night of elation


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